NeuralSearch Enters Private Beta

It's time to unleash our creation on the world.

Like most of the things we build at Mindsize, NeuralSearch was born from the needs of the store owners we partner with. If you're running a WooCommerce site, you know that the search built into WordPress isn't the greatest. Not only does it not do a great job of searching the things WordPress has traditionally been used for, like blog posts and page content, it is completely inadequate for an e-commerce site.

NeuralSearch changes that. It's a purpose-built solution for WooCommerce search that utilizes the best search technology on the planet, powered by our partner, Algolia

I'd like to publicly thank Max and Beka Rice from SkyVerge for introducing us to the team at Algolia.

What is NeuralSearch?

NeuralSearch is a drop-in search replacement technology for WooCommerce and WordPress. With our powerful hosted search engine platform, your e-commerce site can have fast, relevant search results that help your customers find what they want when they want it.

  • Instant and Relevant Results
  • Autocomplete Search
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Blazing Speed
  • Customizable Search Results

Unlike other solutions, it doesn't require running another server - we handle that for you so that you never have to worry about it. It's easy enough for a store owner to implement and powerful enough for an agency to deeply integrate. And it's all available for a small monthly fee, starting as low as $24.95/mo.

Why Search?

The discoverability of your products deeply affects your ability to convert visitors into buyers. I would argue that the quality of the search experience on your site is just as important as making sure your site's front-end loads quickly or that your infrastructure scales well during times of high traffic. Our mission at Mindsize is to improve the lives of store owners and brands in the e-commerce space, and I believe that NeuralSearch is a giant step in the right direction.

Where do I sign up?

We're entering a private beta phase today. If you'd like an invitation, sign up for our mailing list below and we'll invite testers in the order in which they've joined the queue.

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