Mindsize Welcomes Ben Lobaugh as Lead Engineer

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Ben has an extensive track record of leading successful development teams and we are excited to add that proven leadership to our growing team. During his busy first week with us, he was able to take some time to answer a few questions.

What are your previous jobs?

I have had the honor of working at several amazing companies along my journey. A few that have been notable for me:

  • Arby’s – Yep, the fast food place! When I was a youngling, Arby’s gave me my first opportunity to lead a team of people.
  • Council for Educational Travel U.S.A. (CETUSA) – Gave me the first taste of building a large software project, from scratch, for an international organization, with offices in countries around the world.
  • Microsoft – Working here propelled me into the open source spotlight. I worked on high-level projects in communities, including WordPress, Drupal, Wikimedia Foundation, Azure, PHP, and many more.
  • Freshmuse – As Head of Development, I put down deep roots in the WordPress community.
  • WebDevStudios – Took Enterprise WordPress to the next level and helped grow an amazing team of engineers.

What’s your background?

I grew up a country boy, playing in the forest with my buddies and building forts. In the mid-90s my family purchased its first computer and I promptly began breaking and rebuilding it. I ran across development quite by accident. I was actually building websites before I knew what the internet was. I just thought it was cool that I could make a thing that did stuff.

Since those days, my journey through the software development world has been a fun roller coaster. Working for both small and large companies provides me with a wealth of experience and insight into architecture and close partnerships with stakeholders.

Through the years, I have always been involved in some form of leadership, of projects and/or teams. I love leading teams and watching them crush it! As a strong proponent of personal growth, I became certified as a leadership coach a few years ago. The knowledge and training exponentially increased my effectiveness and ability as a leader.

How did you learn about Mindsize?

I met both Patrick and Zach while working at WebDevStudios. I like to keep in touch with past workmates and when I looked up Mindsize and found out it was Patrick’s full-time gig now I reached out to see how it was going. That led to discussions about the company, its goals and growth patterns, company culture and ultimately to vision casting about how I could fit in and support the goals.

What will you be working on in the company?

As with many startups, it is difficult to pin down any singular role. I will be doing many things here, from leading development teams on the technical level to crafting culture to growth, hiring, and policies. It is a job with many hats to wear and I am excited to be in on the ground level!