Mindsize Adds Three New Developers to Our Growing Team

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At Mindsize, we pride ourselves on holding our work on all e-commerce projects to the highest possible standards. That high level of work would not be possible to achieve without hiring developers with the experience and expertise to deliver it.

We are pleased to introduce our three newest developers, who each bring their own unique knowledge and skillsets to help our team continue to develop and progress.

Joe Dooley

Joe’s love for coding began as a kid growing up on the Jersey shore in Cape May. He told us, “Growing up, when I wasn’t skateboarding or playing hockey, I would write code on my TI-92 Plus calculator. Those were fun times!”

That enjoyment led him to begin his career as a freelance developer before getting hired for his first agency position as a front end developer with The Crush Agency, where he was later promoted to lead developer. From there, he moved to LuminFire, a company that specializes in custom WordPress integrations, where he was in charge of plugin development.

Utilizing the skills acquired in his previous positions, Joe launched his own marketing agency, Developing Designs, in Tampa, Florida which he ran for over five years.

“I love writing code. As a software engineer, I’m always learning something new. It keeps things interesting. Now I’m an enterprise Software Engineer doing front end development on some amazing projects working with great people. I couldn’t be happier!”

Zach Owen

Zach is a backend engineer from North Carolina, who has been working with PHP in some form since around 2002. For the past seven years he’s been working almost exclusively in WordPress for two different agencies.

He told us, “My strengths are in data and debugging and I like to contribute to the WordPress StackExchange, helping others to solve problems. In my free time I enjoy video games, knitting, going to see bands perform, and enjoying good food and good beer.”

“I applied for Mindsize after Ben Lobaugh kept telling me how great it is – so far I have to admit, he was right. Thanks for welcoming me to your team!”

Daron Spence

Daron’s career in web development started with a job at a small marketing agency which grew rapidly during his time there. He’s developed dozens of sites for clients around the Midwest, from the ground up; mostly from-scratch rewrites. He also runs a small commercial WP plugin (ACF Widgets).

Daron told us, “I’ve always been interested in technology and making it solve real-world problems. I love to tinker with Home Automation technology and one day I hope to get one of these business ideas in my head off the ground.”

After meeting Patrick Garman at WordCamp DFW in 2018, Daron learned about Mindsize and discussed wanting to join a team. A few months later, at Patrick’s suggestion, he applied to join our team as a front-end developer.

“I’ve built a couple projects with Laravel over the past year and am looking forward to learning a lot in that area and to contribute where I can in the future. My favorite thing to do is probably turn designs into working code. I love a good CSS challenge!”