A new Mindsize and new CEO

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Over the past three and a half years, Mindsize has grown and evolved, exponentially. When starting Mindsize, I focused on resolving some of the hardest problems that site owners face, delivering performant and scalable eCommerce solutions that enabled businesses to focus on their business and confidently leave the technology to us.

As the sole owner, and Chief Technical Officer at Mindsize, I am incredibly proud of the reputation we have built for architecting sites where the users are highly active, dynamic, and where the solutions require more than just throwing more hardware and caching at it. Businesses we have worked with, across a variety of industries, have seen increased growth and sales, greater conversion, while decreasing the overall hardware and cost required to run their site.

As our clients’ businesses grew, their needs extended beyond just their eCommerce site. Over the past three and half years, Mindsize grew to meet our clients’ changing needs and we have developed internal tooling for running businesses, custom reporting platforms, enterprise platform integrations, and more. Defining Mindsize as just an “eCommerce agency” doesn’t fit anymore. While we remain industry-leading eCommerce experts, we offer far more to our clients, and we have exciting announcements that we feel better reflect where Mindsize is, and where we are going, to allow us to better serve the digital needs of our clients.

Announcing Mindsize as a Digital Agency.

Today, Mindsize is expanding from solely an eCommerce Agency to a Digital Agency, offering a full suite of products and services to assist businesses in solving all their digital issues, including ongoing support and maintenance. 

A bold, new vision necessitates bold, new leadership and we are proud  to announce Rian Kinney as the CEO of Mindsize.

Rian is well known in the open source communities for volunteering her time and expertise to educate and assist business owners with privacy, compliance, contract, and other legal issues. Rian joined Mindsize in August 2019, as Director of Operations, to assist in the day to day operations of the company. Her involvement as Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Open Source Software Committee and in WordPress core’s privacy initiative allow her to bring outside perspectives to her role as Mindsize’s CEO.

I look forward to working with Rian over the coming weeks to redefine our product and service offerings in the digital services landscape.