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Case Studies

Clinton Electronics

A family owned business that has endured the test of time, Clinton Electronics was looking for a solution that met the needs of their strictly B2B eCommerce and sales strategy. Originally a CRT monitor manufacturer, Clinton pivoted into security cameras and related equipment in the 1990’s and has become one of the most prominent and technology-forward players in their space. We created a custom WooCommerce site with multiple pricing tiers and a custom design that allows them to market each product’s unique capabilities with in-depth marketing focused material and deep specifications for each product.


  • Built on WooCommerce
  • B2B Focused
  • Multiple Pricing Tiers
  • Custom User Approval Process
  • Integration with Fulfillment Systems
  • Custom Net Payment Terms
  • Custom E-Mail Templates
  • Reusable Content Template Parts
At home setup

Oscar Mike

Oscar Mike is an apparel company with a mission: to help injured Veterans find new hope through an active lifestyle and adaptive sports training. They utilize 100% of donations to the Oscar Mike Foundation and proceeds from their Oscar Mike Apparel sales to provide support to injured Veterans looking for an opportunity to stay active.  Their founder, Noah Currier, went through that transformative journey himself after a tragic accident and he wanted to share that experience with others because of the profound impact it had on his outlook on life. We’re honored to be a part of their journey.


  • Built on Shopify
  • Design and Technical Implementation
  • Partner Stores for Aligned Organizations, such as Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)
  • Created a shipping and fulfillment plan that reduced avg. time-to-ship by 80%
  • Donation Forms for Foundation

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